April  2017 40
Textual Poachers in China
作者 對談人:亨利.詹金斯、張琳
Author Discussants: Henry JENKINS, Lin ZHANG
摘要 「在最基礎的層面上,我們首先要理解粉絲圈在與美國不同的文化背景下是如何運轉的,知識、文化、社會、政治和經濟傳統不同,體制規範和政策不同,對個人主義和個人表達的看法不同,私人產權政治體制等等。粉絲圈是否有自己獨特的且放之四海皆準的邏輯?文化背景和社會習俗如何對粉絲文化進行建構?」
Abstract This dialogue is prompted by the publication of Prof. Henry Jenkins' now canonical book Textual Poachers in Chinese. Prof. Jenkins discusses the continuities and changes in fan studies since Textual Poachers' initial release in the 1990s. He also reflects on the development of fan studies in China, focusing on key issues like the commodification of fan culture in the Web 2.0 era, or transnational fandom and the phenomenon of fansubbing. In general, Prof. Jenkins calls on the Chinese researchers of fan cultures to think critically about how fandom's own norms and practices assert themselves across different cultures and how they get redefined and reimagined as they were introduced into new contexts.


張琳(編)(2017)。〈《文本盜獵者》與中國粉絲文化研究〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第40 期,頁1–26。

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