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Killing Emotions Softly: The Civilizing Process of Online Emotional Mobilization
作者 楊國斌
Author Guobin YANG
關鍵詞 情感動員、文明、網絡事件、新媒體事件、網絡審查
Keywords emotional mobilization, civility, Internet event, new media event, Internet censorship
摘要 2013年以來,中國大陸的網絡文化與政治發生了新變化。以抗爭為主要特色的網絡事件有所減少,以共識性為特點的新媒體事件有所增加。這一轉型的直接原因,是網絡事件的情感動員受挫。網絡動員中的主導情感,如悲情、戲謔、憤怒等,皆被冠之以負面情感、非理性、煽情、不文明等標籤,予以打擊和壓制。抑制情感動員的主要因素,是網絡管制上「文明淨網」的新舉措及其實施的社會環境。這個「文明淨網」的過程,可稱之為「文明的進程」。「文明的進程」,使洶湧的網絡情感受阻,導致中國互聯網的情之殤。
Abstract Since 2013, contention-oriented Internet events have been increasingly transformed into consensus-oriented new media events in the Chinese cyberspace. The direct cause of this transformation is the obstruction of online emotional mobilization. The main emotions expressed in online mobilization, such as sympathy, anger, and playfulness, have been increasingly labeled and attacked as negative, irrational, and uncivil. The key condition surrounding the demobilization of online emotions is a set of new policies that are centered on the concepts of civility and civilization as well as the new social environment in which these policies are implemented. The practice of regulating the Internet in the name of civility constitutes a civilizing process. This process has undermined emotional mobilization online, leading to the weakening of contentious online activism in China in the past few years.


楊國斌(2017)。〈情之殤:網絡情感動員的文明進程〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第40 期,頁75–104。

Citation of this article:

Yang, G. (2017). Killing emotions softly: The civilizing process of online emotional mobilization. Communication & Society, 40, 75–104.

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