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Relationship Maintenance Mode of After Service Failure Recovery: “Stewardship” Perspective
作者 劉正道
Author Cheng-Tao LIU
關鍵詞 公關策略、服務失誤、服務補救、管家思維、關係維繫
Keywords public relations strategy, service failure, service recovery, stewardship, relationship maintenance
摘要 本文採用「管家思維」(stewardship)導向之關係維繫模式(Hon & Grunig, 1999; Waters, 2009, 2011)作為研擬服務失誤補救後關係維繫模式的理論依據,並進而評估此一關係維繫模式對企業和抱怨顧客之間關係的影響。經由隨機電話調查239位年齡達18歲及以上、居住台灣本島地區、曾向消費店家抱怨且得到回應的民眾,研究結果不僅獲致「回報」、「報告」、「關係培養」等用以維繫服務失誤補救後的抱怨顧客關係,也進而發現「回報」遠比「關係培養」、「報告」的策略運用,更能對企業和抱怨顧客之間「關係結果」產生正面的影響。
Abstract This study adopts stewardship-oriented relationship maintenance mode (Hon & Grunig, 1999; Waters, 2009, 2011) as a theoretical framework in constructing relationship maintenance strategy of after service failure recovery, as well as evaluating the impact of this strategy on relationship outcomes between company and complaining customers. By randomly telephone surveying 239 respondents aged 18 and above, living in Taiwan, having filed complaints and received responses from consuming companies, the results not only found strategic considerations of “reporting,” “reciprocity” and “relationship nurturing” that can be used for constructing relationship maintenance strategy of after service failure recovery, but also further found that “reciprocity” is greater than “relationship nurturing” and “reporting” in generating positive impact on relationship outcome between company and complaining customers.



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Liu, C.-T. (2019). Relationship maintenance mode of after service failure recovery: “Stewardship” perspective. Communication & Society, 48, 163–196.
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