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The “State-Media” Relationship in China within the De-Western Context: The State’s Function’s Disconnection and Connection on Watchdog Journalism
作者 王冰
Author Bing WANG
關鍵詞 去西方語境、「國家」功能、批評性報道、國家表達、社會表達
Keywords de-Western context, the function of the state, watchdog journalism, state expression, social expression
摘要 西方語境中的媒介自由和媒體批評性功能中揭示出「國家與媒介之間是二元對立的關係,堅決反對國家對媒體的干預」。然而在中國這樣一個威權政體裡,「國家」雖然被視為影響媒介的關鍵性力量,依舊掌控和干預媒體,但同時卻在積極推動和促進批評性報道的發展。「國家」承擔著批評性報道的推動者和支持者這一功能。因此考察「去西方語境」的中國「國家–媒體」關係是本文的主要目的。本文通過歷史考察的研究方法,考察了1980年代(改革開放以後至1989年)、1980年代末至1990年代初(1989年至1991年)、 1990年代(1992年至2003年)、2004年以來至今四個歷史時期裡「國家」功能作用於批評性報道的軌跡。在本研究中發現:中國語境的批評性報道中反映出的國家與媒體關係是一種「協調–促進–管控」關係。在這關係的背後,國家作用於批評性報道的功能在「促進–管控」中不斷變化,並且這種變化呈現一種「斷裂和連續」的動態過程。國家功能的變化取決於在不同歷史時期裡,國家對媒介的「國家表達」和「社會表達」兩種功能孰優孰劣的態度中搖擺變化。
Abstract In the Western context, the media freedom and media’s watchdog function reveals the binary opposition relationship between the state and the media, and firmly oppose the intervention of the state. In an authoritarian regime such as China, although the state is regarded as the dominant controlling force of the media, it is actively promoting the development of critical reports. The state undertakes the function of promoters and supporters of critical reports. Therefore, the relationship between the “state” and the media is not a simple opposition, which presents a more complex and tortuous relationship. This study aims to explore how the function of China’s “state” in the context of the West goes to the critical report. In this study, it is found that the relationship between the state and the media, which is reflected in the critical reports in the Chinese context, is a kind of coordination, promotion and control. Behind this relationship, the function of the state is changing in the process of promoting and controlling critical reports, and the change of this kind of function presents a kind of dynamic process of “rupture and continuity.” The change of the function of the country depends on the change of the attitude of the country in different historical periods, whether the media is preferred “state expression” and “social expression.”



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Wang, B. (2019). The “state-media” relationship in China within the de-Western context: The state’s function’s disconnection and connection on watchdog journalism. Communication & Society, 48, 93–130.
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