April  2019 48
Career, Difference, and Resilience: Dialogue on the Different Approaches to Organizational Communication
作者 巴澤利爾.帕翠絲、王茜
Author Patrice M. BUZZANELL, Qian WANG
摘要 「關於『職業』這一命題的研究,我試圖去證明那些非傳統的研究路徑不僅是可行的,而且還可以增加人們生活的豐富性。在我所從事的各類實證性研究與理論建構研究中,我對職業均使用了不同的定義。在大多數情況下,我將關於『職業』這一話語的建構,視為一種擁有能夠形成關於『職業』的內在主流意義與抗爭性意義的重要生產力,並能夠以某種特定方式移植到職業人群中,以建構起組織的不同層面。這些關於『職業』的話語體系,在特定的人類互動場景、工作場景(包括組織、職業、實踐和政策)以及整個社會層面,建立起一種權力關係。這些話語體系的建立,並非是抽象與中立的過程,而是多利益方進行爭奪的場域。正因為關於職業和工作的意義是由社會建構,且是不斷變化的,我才對那些可能實現人們職業與工作多種可能性的條件以及社會文本產生了興趣。」
Abstract Patrice M. Buzzanell phrased the underlying dynamics in which she has been interested as aligned with career, difference, and resilience as stabilitychange processes. These dynamics run through 4 books and over 250 articles, chapters, and engineering education proceedings that she has published. For career research, she has always wanted to show how non-traditional approaches are not only feasible but can also enrich human life. She has long been interested in conceptualizations of career discourses and how they shape dominant and resistant meanings of career. These discourses are not simply abstract and neutral processes, but are sites of struggle where diverse interests compete for prominence. Because career and the meanings of work are socially constructed and changeable, she has been interested in the conditions and contexts through which different possibilities for career and work may be realized.

Her contribution in the discipline include making “career,” “work,” “worklife,” and its many manifestations central in organizational communication. The core themes and contexts of her work—career, difference, and resilience, are now coming together in ways that she hopes can have broad impact. For her, organizational communication has welcomed these eclectic approaches and has enabled studies of micro-meso-macro phenomena. It is an ideal site to examine grand challenges and continue in its long tradition of the theory-practice interface through engaged and applied communication scholarship.



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Wang, Q. (Ed.) (2019). Career, difference, and resilience: Dialogue on the different approaches to organizational communication. Communication & Society, 48, 1–22.
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